Jigsaw Global news round-up for March 5-12

  • Sat, 2011-03-12 00:00
  • Lisa Osborne

Five rules for creating transmedia stories [video]
AdHack: Interesting talk given by a partner from Campfire, a marketing agency that has done excellent promotions for TRUE BLOOD and SHARK WEEK. The video runs 30 mins. 

Open call for music videos [contest]
If you have a music video with that Romanek/Jonze/Fincher flair, submit it for Cinema Speakeasy's June music video showcase in LA.

$150K in screenwriting grants available [contest]
indieWire: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is offering 5 screenwriting fellowships, worth up to $30K apiece. Applications are due May 2nd. More than 6,000 scripts were submitted last year!

The popularity of Netflix's non-DVD revenue streams makes studios wary
CNET: "But since then, Netflix has proven it can acquire both sought-after content as well as a large audience. Netflix's rapid rise stunned many at the studios and now even former supporters there are wary of Netflix's growing influence. To make matters worse, Netflix is having some unanticipated impacts on the studio's businesses."

Young Oscar winner charms journalists in his post-show interviews
TIME: "...Tom Hanks was always a big hero for me, and JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO is a movie I'm a staunch defender of. I have an 8-foot-tall poster of it in my room. And when I told him that, he reacted with a wonderful mixture of flattery and confusion."

@Northwesternmag: Fun WSJ Q&A with #Northwestern alum Luke Matheny... "But what was better was going to Mel's Drive-In with the random drunk people coming and in saying 'Congratulations!' We were sitting there with the Oscar right on the table."