Jigsaw Global to teach classes for Screen Actors Guild

  • Thu, 2010-07-29 13:52
  • Lisa Osborne

SAG New Media, Hollywood MOVE, and Jigsaw Global are teaming up to help actors--especially actor-producers, actor-directors, and actor-writers--understand how to build better websites and apps by offering an "Introduction to Digital Media Production" class to SAG members. Many TV and film professionals use websites, mobile apps, and games on a daily basis, but have no idea how those products are created. This free, two-hour class will explain the key roles that comprise a digital media production crew and explain the standard production process for producing digital content. The class will be held four times in coming months, with attendance capped at 25 people apiece, to allow for personal instruction and lots of questions. More information about the agenda and the RSVP process are available here.

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