Lisa Osborne

Lisa Osborne has earned her start-up stripes a few times, and Jigsaw Global is her latest venture. Lisa was part of the Atlanta launch team that produced Turner Network Television's first website with original, not repurposed, content. Then she became the first, full-time internet hire at adidas corporate headquarters in Germany, expanding the vision for their site and turning it into one of the leading sports company destinations on the web. For more than three years, she helped run the American Film Institute's digital media incubator, called the AFI Digital Content Lab. The Lab partnered mostly with TV networks to develop cutting-edge digital entertainment content and products. Lisa founded Jigsaw Global in 2009.

Since earning a journalism degree at Northwestern University, her career has been characterized by a fascination with trying new things, running decentralized teams, and teaching. She has worked on projects for ABC, Cartoon Network, ESPN, DIRECTV, ITVS, MTV, NBC, Oregon Public Broadcasting, PBS, Weekly World News, the World Cup, David Beckham, the French Open, and the All Blacks. Along the way, she has collaborated with talent from PeetKegler, OK/No Way, Sprout, Leagas Delaney, Digital Pulp, Digitaria, Method, Schematic, Team One, Barbarian Group, Code and Theory, and Pod Design.

In 2011, she became an adjunct faculty member of Carnegie-Mellon University and acted as an adviser for the first New Frontier Story Lab , which is a Sundance Institute program. Lisa is a member of the TV Academy and served as a board member of the Women In Film Foundation.

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